You’re a CRNA looking for a new position in either:

  1. Manhattan
  2. One of the other NYC boroughs, with an easy commute to Manhattan
  3. A suburban or rural environment, including upstate New York

You want a positive, collegial work environment.

You want a job that:

  1. Treats you as a valued professional
  2. Pays market-leading compensation
  3. Offers the sub-specialty you want
  4. Offers the hours/shifts that work for your lifestyle

You are concerned about scope of practice issues because they are so variable state to state. (CRNA practice is governed by each state’s Nurse Practice Act — there are literally 50 different legal versions of scope of practice in the U.S.)

Does this sound like you? If it does, talk with Timothy J. Lehey, CRNA, MS, founder of Nurse Anesthesia Professional Services (NAPS).

As a former Program Director and Chief Nurse Anesthetist who has worked with nearly every major hospital in the Tri-State area, Tim not only knows what real-time opportunities exist across the many hospitals, ambulatory care facilities and surgi-centers in the area — he also knows from the inside what it’s like to be a CRNA working there. And he has an in-depth knowledge of New York State law, New York Hospital Code Regulations, and all manner of practice arrangements in New York.

Ready to start looking? Contact Tim. Following your initial phone call, Tim will send you an inventory of job characteristics. This questionnaire, which will take less than 15 minute to complete, will help Tim focus on the key job issues that are most important to you. And when you’re ready, Tim will begin the process of setting up interviews at the facilities that you choose.

Tim’s insight into the market is both deep and wide, and his perspective as a fellow CRNA is unique. Let him put it all to work for you. Drop Tim a line, and begin the process of finding your next great job… with no obligation for you.


What are the charges for your service?

There are no charges whatsoever for the CRNA to be placed. Our fees are paid directly by the facility that hires you. Furthermore, if you decide not to take a job then there is no fee generated. There is never a charge to the CRNA.

What are my obligations to NAPS?

There aren’t any. We ask only that you communicate openly with us about where you have already applied and whether you are working with another recruiter. (For example: If you apply through a hospital web site and your application languishes in HR, they still consider your application to have predated our association with you and will not pay Tim for the placement.)

Similarly, if you have given your résumé to a different recruiter and they fax it to HR, the original recruiter would be paid, and not NAPS. In each case Tim will have invested a lot of time and effort getting you the position you want with no chance of receiving a fee. You are entirely free to apply anywhere you want on your own while you are working with Tim. We just want to be kept abreast of your progress.

How are you different from other recruiting firms?

Tim is a practicing CRNA who is familiar with the workplace issues that matter to you. A recruiting firm without his expertise is little more than a place that warehouses résumés. When a position becomes available they will fax your résumé (along with dozens of others) to the potential employer. This shotgun approach does little to promote your chances of getting the job.

Tim will personally present you to the employer and make every effort to ensure that there is a good match between what you want in a job, and also what the facility expects from you in the job. This laser-like approach to recruiting gives you every advantage in finding that right position — the one you will enjoy and that will allow you to grow professionally.