I feel your pain…

As you near the end of your training to become a CRNA, I am sure you are filled with a host of concerns. You are most likely:

  • Exhausted from your clinical responsibilities
  • Focused on preparing for and taking your boards
  • Torn between school and family obligations
  • Worried about financial concerns after three years of student status with very limited income

I know how you feel because I’ve lived it — both as a student and then again as Program Director at Columbia University’s Nurse Anesthesia Program. And I am here to help with the one thing that will ease many of your concerns: finding the right job.

I can make this next big step a whole lot easier for you. If you are looking for a position in the New York City metropolitan area, including New Jersey and Connecticut, or upstate New York, I can help you find the right one. I have first-hand, real-time knowledge of the job situation in these areas — and an extensive database of contacts at my fingertips that will allow me to let you know who is hiring. More importantly, I can help you see whether the job is right for you.

Salary and benefits are only the most obvious metrics to use in your job search. But I can also tell you how the CRNAs who work there feel about their jobs. I can tell you about the culture of the organization and whether CRNAs are valued for their contribution to high-quality care. In short, I can tell you what you really want to know about the potential position.

There is NEVER a charge for my services to the CRNA, and no contractual obligation of any kind to me. My fee is paid by the facility that hires you, and there is no obligation to accept any job I find for you.

You will have taken a giant step forward in achieving your long-awaited goal of a fulfilling career as a CRNA. Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far!

Contact me and let’s talk.