NAPS Career Opportunity Tool


Please rate the items from the most important to least important.  This will help the clinical sites to understand what you are looking for and perhaps allow them to tailor their presentations to your priorities.  Once completed I will ask you to rank all the items that you assigned “1” or “Very Important”.


1-Very Important 2-Important 3-Somewhat Important 4-Not Important


Practice Issues:
Hospital location
Flexible scheduling-type of shifts—8 hour, 10 or 12s
Part-time positions available
Relocation allowances
Night and weekend call requirements
Anesthesia care team approach with CRNA: MD ration no greater than 2:1
A positive CRNA/MDA relationship
Willingness on the part of anesthesiologist to teach regional, invasive lines, complex cases
Whether or not anesthesia residents are being trained at the hospital
Variety of cases performed at the site
Availability of challenging cases for the CRNA staff
Availability of trauma cases
Ability to perform regional techniques
Ability to place central lines
Size of the CRNA contingent (any other Columbia grads?)
Autonomy of CRNAs
Continuing education benefits, is CE encouraged?
Ability to participate in M/M conferences/research opportunities/grand rounds
Dollars and Cents:
Overtime availability
Is there mandatory overtime
Total compensation packages (pensions, bonuses, educational allowances)
Sign on bonuses
Salary growth projection




Added Value Benefits:
Vacation time
Tuition reimbursement


Now please rank all the items you rated “1” or “Very Important” with the most important item listed first. Thank you for your cooperation.