Why should I use your services?

The distinct advantage we have over other recruiting firms is Tim’s unique perspective. He has a 360-degree view of the nurse anesthesia recruiting process and a deep understanding of the real-world needs of both department heads and CRNAs.

This understanding was acquired over a 25+-year career as a practicing CRNA — including six years’ experience as Program Director at Columbia University. Tim was responsible for placing students at over 30 clinical sites, including nearly all of the major teaching hospitals in the New York metropolitan area.

His background as a Chief Nurse Anesthetist provides Tim with a unique insight that will enable him to find and place qualified candidates that are well suited to your position. The benefits that will accrue to you will be significant, including:

  • A staff of CRNAs who understand their role in your department
  • Reduced turnover
  • Reduced training costs
  • Increased job satisfaction for your employee

How much do you charge for your services?

Each contract is negotiated separately. A number of factors enter into the equation. Positions that are historically difficult to recruit for often require significantly more work. Market conditions will also dictate the availability of suitable candidates and may necessitate a wider search to bring the right person to your facility.

Our fees compare very favorably with those of national recruiting firms — and we deliver a better, more focused solution to your recruiting needs.

Are there any other additional charges?

No. Interview expenses and relocation costs are all negotiated with the candidate. Our fee stays the same as identified in the contract. Of course there is no fee at all if you do not hire a candidate that we have presented to you.

Can I speak with a Departmental representative with whom you have worked on a successful placement?

References will gladly be provided upon request.